Wizly PRISE© is a Best Practice Methodology which provides organizations with a roadmap to effective Strategy Execution. Wizly PRISE© uses proprietary analytics with AI machine-learning capabilities enable Insights that supports the decision making process.

Wizly PRISE© Methodology integrates Processes, Risks, Initiatives with Strategy to enable Organizations to successfully execute strategy.


Organizations follow an array of Management Practices in their endeavor to achieve the Organization’s Vision.

Strategy Management based on the Balanced Scorecard methodology.

 Performance Management Processes, to measure a multitude of performance areas, including Departmental Performance.

 Process Management to effectively execute strategy through efficient, strategy aligned processes.

 Program and Project Management to successfully deploy Initiatives, Programs, and Projects linked to Strategy.

 Risk and Opportunity Management to be better prepared for events, that have a negative or positive effect on Strategy.

 Quality Management to strengthen the Organization’s competitive position.


At the heart of the Wizly PRISE© Methodology, is the ability to map and generate the Organizational DNA. DNA is made up of a chain of base pairs of chromosomes. Wizly identifies and utilizes pairs of information (E.g. Technology related to Processes or Initiatives related to Strategic Objectives) to form the base pairs of Organizational DNA.

The Wizly PRISE© Solution Suite, provides a replicable roadmap to Strategy Execution, which takes us from the “What to the How”. It addresses the pitfalls of having different Management Frameworks run in silos, independent of each other and it provides a holistic view of all management information enabling better decisions.

Enterprises that are looking to plan and model their digital transformations and their use of DBPs. There are few planning tools for digital transformation that go beyond spreadsheets and power-point. It’s basically the planning instrument and dials for a business management cockpit working in both prediction and measurement modes.

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Wizly Solution Suite

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Best Practice Methodology

Relate Controls to Risks

Successfully Execute Strategy

Unified View of Performance

Risk Aligned to Strategy

Integrate Quality Frameworks

Initiatives Aligned Strategy

Integrate Excellence Frameworks