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Wizsm Management Reporting Solution

Still using Excel and Powerpoint for Management Reporting?

Despite having invested in state of the art transaction, BI and other back office systems, an overwhelming number of organizations continue to use PowerPoint as the main tool for presenting management reports. These PowerPoints include information which is collated from multiple systems using Excel. The potential for issues and errors in Excel are both well-known and widespread.

Excel reports are created off static data, meaning that they do not dynamically update in real-time as changes occur. In addition, both creating and sharing visual reports are challenging in Excel.

The Wizsm Management Reporting Solution is built on Wizsm Performance and Wizsm Visivo and replaces manual management reporting on PowerPoint and Excel. Data can be entered manually using data entry workflows with multiple levels of approval, or integrated using Wizsm Integrator.

57% of C-level executives say the management reporting process is inefficient.


57% of C-level executives say the management reporting process is inefficient, costing millions of dollars each year. (McKinsey Survey – 2019)

It is challenging to collate insights, comments and actions, from different management stakeholders against these reports.

Supporting analyses usually require one or more tools (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, independent software etc.) that are not integrated.

Lack of Insight means Decisions are not Optimal. Bad decisions cost money. Manager base their decisions on the information presented in management reports. 

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