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TallyPrime is the latest release of the power of simplicity evolution of the Tally series.

Tally has grown from a basic accounting software package into a simple-yet-sophisticated business management software product. Comprehensive capabilities allow TallyPrime to meet the needs of small to large businesses with dispersed operations. And traditional functions of a business are handled as capably as the more advanced.

Tally is one of the most recognised brands globally running 2 Million+ Businesses across the world.

Your growth Partner

To grow your business, and to make the right business decisions, you need the right insights . With features like “Go To” and “customisable reports” in the new TallyPrime, you can discover and look at reports, slicing and dicing them the way you want. To help you in your growth journey, Tally Prime enables you to manage multiple companies and incrementally add features such as multiple go-downs, multi-currency, order process, cost centres etc. This helps you get rid of complexities, and in turn, focus on business growth.

Better control over cash flow

Quick and hassle-free bills receivables and payable management help you to get paid faster as well as managing payment timelines. Also, Tally facilitates easy and efficient stock movement, making it possible to optimize the cash flow. Besides, the insightful reports at blink of eye help you make confident decisions and plan the growth of your business better.

Enhanced Business Efficiency

With the speed that Tally brings, you can get things done quickly and save precious time, helping you do more for less. With TallyPrime, you can print or view the reports being in the middle of voucher entry, you can load another company being in a report without abandoning the activity you were on it, get to know the irregularities or odd details from every reports that you view and much more. No more remembering short cut keys, you have the intuitive and consistent workflow that helps you do work faster.

Optimum Inventory Management

Tally’s flexible inventory management system makes it easy to track, forecast and manage the stock movements efficiently and optimize the inventory levels. Insightful and accurate inventory reports at a click of a button help you make confident and on-time business decisions.


TallyPrime Silver

Single user edition
For Standalone PCs

TallyPrime Gold

Unlimited multi-user edition
For multiple PCs on LAN environment

TallyPrime Features

Accounting & Financial Management

Inventory Management

Sales Management

Purchase Management




Remote Access

Statutory Reports


Data Security

Data Exchange

Why Tally

One off License Fees

There is no License Renewal Fees to use Tally.  

At Tally, our licenses are on perpetual basis assuring you total ownership of your product.

Scalable to meet every growing business

TallyPrime is an enterprise class ERP solution , Helping Businesses Grow.

Tally can be upgraded from Single User to Multi User (and you only pay the difference in scaling up)
As the Number of Users grows, TallyPrime Server will take care of maintaining a stable environment as well as increasing Data Security & Control.
The Tally Platform can be customized, Extended and Integrated with TDL Softwares to meet your growing requirements.

Power of Simplicity

Tally is simple and designed to be used by people from non-IT and non-accounts background as well. Spending few minutes on insightful information can help business owners identify areas that require their attention.


Industry Specific Verticals

Industry Specific Solutions catering to specific industry requirements

Add Ons
& Boosters

For additional Workflow, Control, Security & Productivity


Mobility Apps For Tally for Specific Process & Dashboards

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